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Doodley is a Youtube channel with over 450k subscribers, created and developed independently by me.

My goal is to teach animation to non-animators by visualizing complex ideas and avoiding program specific tutorials.


The response was immediate and huge, far bigger than I ever expected.


Every day I receive comments from people grateful for explaining animation simply and thoroughly.

Even a few industry professionals have reached out to thank me.

I started developing Doodley in March 2022, and released the first video that October.

Even though I didn't know it at the time, it combines a lot of skills I've developed passively over the years: teaching workshops, visualizing concepts, writing documentation, and of course, 3D art and animation.


Maybe it's dramatic, but it feels like my life's mission now!


My hope is to create Doodley for as long as possible, eventually becoming my full-time job and an independent studio itself.

Every video gets me closer and closer to that goal, while having fun along the way.


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Thank you for reading!

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